I call architecture frozen music

and so does Goethe
in fact he said it first
I just borrowed the phrase

So…. as the title says, this blog is about ‘the music of sound’
ie my random thoughts on the lovely way air molecules vibrate.

Most of my waking hours are spent working on film sound design via which i get to collaborate with composers & music editors, but I also love to spend any downtime I have noodling around with music & sometimes, by virtue of using similar technology if nothing else, the two overlap & I try to capture the happy accidents that occur…
as one of Eno’s Oblique Strategys says ‘ Honour thy error as hidden intent’


5 thoughts on “I call architecture frozen music

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      1. tim Post author

        I call architecture frozen music.

        JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE, letter to Johann Peter Eckermann, Mar. 23, 1829

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