HISSandaROAR Library 5 released!

Somehow November is my month for completing long term projects, the first of which is a new HISSandaROAR library of sound design source material: SD005 PRESSURE


The library was created from over 50GB of new recordings, including “props’ such as a five ton steam engine, an air compressor with many different attachments, truck air brakes, a domestic pressure cooker, spray cans, fire extinguishers, balloons, shaken up soda cans, paint ball guns & the most essential device of all; the human breath!

I did a Q&A with Miguel at DesigningSound – have a read here and incase you missed it earlier here is the little making of video:

Apart from using the sounds as component elements in their own right, another use for them is with regards to convolution – the noise aspect of the sounds means that convolution will find many common frequencies to interact with, be it via a dedicated convolution app or by impulse responses…

blow gun

While recording with compressed air I also discovered I could create interesting ambiences by injecting low pressure air flows into pipes, so I recorded steady state versions of these, again great material for processing into sci fi ambiences….

air pipe

I also did a record session at a Paintball location in North Grenada – we had great fun blasting the guns through different pipes! And it was my first multitrack recording with my new SD744 (with 722 synced via c.link)


SD recorder

Between the fire extinguisher, a bunch of different aerosol cans, and the pressure cooker my studio was a stinky mess by the end of the sessions! But totally worth it – I found one aerosol can that sounds like a death ray and one of the fire extinguishers had a unique tonality to it!


fire extinguisher

So go check out the new library & failing all else grab a copy of the free CD quality version! The next release on HISSandaROAR will be THE DOORS – I am in the process of shipping drives to the contributors this week, the release will be in January 2011.

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