I’m almost finished recording SWISH TWO, a new library of natural dopplers, whooshes and useful organic and unprocessed elements for movement sound design. So far I’ve been recording (interior and exterior) with a collection of umbrellas, aerofoils, flags, fishing rods, tea towels, feather dusters, aerials, branches, rubber sheeting, Japanese fans, leather jacket, golf clubs and slingshot projectiles.

But here’s the thing: I want to record what I haven’t thought of!

So if you’d like a free copy of SWISH TWO, email me any ideas or suggestions that you might have for it and if it isn’t already on our list & makes it into the library I’ll reward you with a free copy of the entire library! Especially if you own & use our original SWISH library released four years ago, think about what you’d like that wasn’t covered in that library.

But note: please email me your idea and dont comment your idea here as I need to keep records…

I sent this request out to the HISSandaROAR mail list (along with a reminder that the big discount on MECHANISM expires at the end of Friday this week!). The mailer is time warped to hit your inbox at 8am and by 9.07am I had the first suggestion and its a winner, so the first freebie has already been awarded. But there is no limit on the number I will give away as I want this library to be as diverse as possible – if I add 100 more great ideas to this library it would be fantastic! So rack your brains now & in the following weeks: let your subconscious win you a free HISSandaROAR library!

email me

AWESOME Contributors (& likely free library winners!)

– Phil Burton
– Tim Schlie
– Max Hachemeister
– Jo Dutaillis
– Shawn Duffy
– Triames
– Martin Moller Jensen
– Remi Obsidienne
– Michal Fojcik
– Robert Ramirez
– Jenn Lewis
– Joel Raabe
– Christopher Scullion
– Mark Fitt
– Enos Desjardins
– Konrad Peschmann
– David Newman
– Peter Memmer
– Pat Penot
– Marco Rosenberg
– Javier Zúmer
– Rick Blything
– Charly van Rest
– Mark Hellaby
– Laura Taylor
– Dom Lawrence
– Neil Benezra
– Robert Newton
– Eske Nørholm
– Charles van Kampen
– Don Sylvester
– Andy Martin
– Angel Perez Grandi
– Tim Walston
– Mark Mangini
– Diego Miranda
– Erik Foreman
– Boris Laible
– Alex Weiss
– Tim Archer
– Charles Coes
– Andreas Haglund
– Anton Crnkovic
– Paul Andre Fonarev
– George Pereyra
– Francisco G. Ríos

Thank you so much for all the creative input from you all!

Now I get busy


And a bit of trivia: the second most viewed thread in all of the Gearslutz Post Production Forum is this one with 142,111 views since November 2003!

ps here’s the prop list from SWISH 1, so no need to suggest these


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