HISSandaROAR Sound Design Challenge 02

Check that FFT from the Sanken CUX100K mics! Spectral content all the way to 96kHz!

So I just released a new library at HISSandaROAR: UFX032 PRESSURE STOP RELEASE

This library is an idea found while working on a different library, experimenting with negative pressure (ie suction) and positive pressure. I noticed that when some rubber sheet or plastic suddenly blocked the suction, it created a solid ‘thump’ when pulled free. The rapid release of pressure seemed interesting & slowed down lights up my subwoofer! So I collected up all the accidental pressure suction stops & releases from those recordings and then I set about exploring this one specific technique, purposefully restricting suction and then restricting positive pressure from my compressor, creating very sharp transients and spectrum up to 96kHz. As with IRs and convolution, the ‘noise’ aspect of the sounds means they respond strongly to processing.

If you’d like to have a play with these sounds, I’ve launched a little sound design challenge…
Using the five 192kHz sounds provided, make something extraordinary & send me a link!
I’ll give away as many copies of the full library as there are extraordinary entries.
Download and more info HERE



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