Hoax? Seems not…

The item pictured below came up for sale on the local equivalent of Ebay & a friend sent me a link, but being a slightly cynical person I presumed it was a hoax…. What do you think?

“AUDIODESK Systeme CD lathe is a very effective CD sound improver. It bevels and trues the edge of CD’s to reduce laser reflection and vibration. This is the biggest upgrade I’ve heard for the CD format. It’s so obviously better from the first few seconds in a transparent system, my uncut discs are immediately recognisable now & sound less listenable and two-dimensional in comparison. It gets CD closer to high-end vinyl reproduction. Improves bass resolution, detail & dynamics, and reduces “etch” or glare. Blackening the bevel adds weight and smoothness. Soundstage depth & width and space around performers opens out. Similar to the improvement of SACD over CD all without softening or compromising dynamics as some CD mats and other treatments tend to do. Direct copies to cheap cut & blackened-edge CDRs (without even cutting the original) can sound significantly better than the original.” More info here

really? Sound better than the original? I thought that was defying the laws of reality?

This review describes the effect like this: “Music becomes cleaner, clearer and better focussed, with greater separation of instruments and a greater sense of the space around them.”

Hmmm sounds like a physical equivalent to nitrous oxide?
Go on I dare you to bid on it!

But it left me wondering if there was a way to apply the same approach to MP3s? Maybe some kind of lathe device that you put between the speakers & your ears maybe? Or something you could attach to your head when listening to MP3s? Experiments continue….

photo from here

Which reminds me of a very funny exchange that occurred on TradeMe recently between someone selling a Nagra IV-S and someone who you might describe as a little bit green… Not to be mean or anything, we all started somewhere after all….

What’s the obsession with banana plugs???

5 thoughts on “Hoax? Seems not…

  1. Jon

    I love things like the lathe! I’m one of those people who are just skeptical enough to think that if I can’t measure a difference between two signals by some means, maybe there isn’t a difference. Emperor and questionable clothing and all that.

    Maybe the banana plug guy is on to something… let’s just bypass all that messy AD/DA conversion. Couldnt’ we get used to the sound of pure digital data?

    Your finds always make my day. Thanks.

  2. Max

    Objects like this circulate since years and belong to the group of “sound enhancers for believers”; they work like placebos.

    The official “explanation” of this item seems to be:
    – Reflections of laser light at the edges of the disc and vibrations result in more reading errors
    – The error correction of the player copes with these errors by inserting interpolated data
    – Reducing the reflections/vibrations leeds to less interpolated data and thus to better sound

    But I don’t think that I would hear it, even if it’s true …

  3. Max

    … and there are indeed devices you can buy to plug in between your MP3 player and your headphones that promise to enhance the sound of your MP3s …

  4. Tim

    I read somewhere once that one of the best upgrades you can give your CD player is to put a brick on top of it. Less vibration = better sound, so the theory went.
    never tested it though.

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