Honour thy error as hidden intention

I’m quoting (or remembering) an Oblique Strategy by Brian Eno, which I personally believe is a truism, or at least an admirable approach to the truth… What made me think of it was reading this great interview in pingmag with Haruo Suekichi, the creator of literally thousands of fantastic steampunk watches… the relevant quote is below… I dont wear a watch, my cellphone seems to keep the time ok, but if I did it would be one of these… And oh how I would love to commission a USB controller designed by this man! Must visit his store next time I’m in Tokyo…

Do you make a lot of mistakes when making watches?

“When I notice I made a mistake, I try not to consider it one because I don’t want to waste the effort I’ve put in to that point. So I adapt it to my intentions. When I make a mistake in a very basic calculation, or when the whole effort would be wasted, I shout. I make clock hands as well now, and first I think about some possible ways and I try many times — but it doesn’t go well, doesn’t move well or overloads the moving part. And I’m working analogue so it cannot be changed digitally. So I have to learn by my feel. I cannot tell like shaving 0.3 millimetre is enough but I have to try and adjust it in every case. So till I learn the feel, I have to try and try and make mistakes so many times. Gradually it becomes stressful work, finally I shout and struggle. When I get angry, I sing. I have an echo microphone.”

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