Horace Andy Remix Update

Wow – there were 450 entries to the Horace Andy remix competition! They haven’t decided a winner yet due to there being so many entries & also being on tour, but it goes to show how much love there is for Horace Andy’s voice & equally how many people have the spare time & passion to participate… They’ve reduced it down to 90 which you can have a listen to here and its great to hear the range of styles and approaches. There are definitely a few I intend to go find what other music they make & check out their originals….
Two other aspects surprised me: firstly, how few people seem to know how to embed metadata into mp3 files (!?!) and secondly, how maybe 10% of the remixes are obviously smacking a limiter to hell – mastering your own music doesnt mean pounding it into an L1 or whatever but I guess comments like those just fall on deaf (to dynamics) ears.. in fact that could be their catchcry: DEAF TO DYNAMICS!
But despite them all being very good & showing a plethora of inventiveness, out of those 90 below are the six I would consider the actual contenders (& its a shame they don’t instigate a voting system as per the Peter Gabriel remix, so there can be an audience choice too)

2. Nico Mueller aka Show Your Shoe – Show Your Horace Remix

16. Gareth Desmond and Johny Quinn aka Analogue MIndfield – When I look Back Remix

23. Mark Wall aka Kosine – Shine In The Dark Remix

45. Rodrigo Sanchez aka Linchaco – Slow Rhythm RMX

62. Leyton aka sonsine – watch we (dig mix)

75. Jon Martin aka Pier – Pier Refix

The ultimate test has to be this: which track out of those 90 do you instantly want to play again? And again. For me, its that Kosine mix – nice work!

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