How much music is too much?

Arrived home (Wellington, New Zealand) last night at midnight after an indeterminate amount of time flying back from Tokyo… I crossed enough time zones as to have no real idea as to how long the flights took but it was long enough to flatten batterys on two ipods! Travel produces such mixed feelings – happy to be home & back in my studio, sad to leave all the lovely people I met along the way…
But back to the topic, I’ve been transferring all the music I bought while travelling to my main studio Mac and when I was finished I selected the entire music library on my drives & it came up with this data:

32,534 songs
111 days
263.71 GB

So how much music is too much?
If you feel like checking, paste a comment with the size of your itunes library, I’m intrigued to know if ‘normal’ people have such out of control music habits…. or whether I should seek professional help! I would guess I have two or three times that much music out in the physical world – two walls of vinyl & a big storage unit full of CDs…. In Japan Tower records have a great motto: “No music, no life” that I fully subscibe to, but is too much music too much life?

One means of gaining a perspective on vast music librarys relates to how much actually gets listened to and one revealing trick in itunes is to select the whole music library & sort by PLAY COUNT…. Unfortunately I had to move my library to a bigger drive & reload it into itunes, so my play count was reset, but does anyone reading this use one of those itunes plugins (eg iscrobbler) that tracks your music listening habits?

And lastly, while on the subject of iTunes, I was happy to receive an update notice of one of my favourite visualizers; WhiteCap check it out (Mac & PC) for nice wireframe FFT displays, although I am also partial to Soundstream the (Mac only) sound activated plasma display screensaver, especially when my laptop is set for it to trigger by whatever it hears through its built in mic… and its free! Ok, rant over, time to ah listen to some music!



FWIW heres a list of the music bought and/or downloaded (emusic, bleep, boomkat) while travelling in Japan:

African Head Charge – Vision Of A Psychedelic Africa
Akira Kosemura + Haruka Nakamura – Afterglow
Alice Russell – Hurry On Now
Antendex – Diagram
Boxcutter – Glyphic
Burial – Untrue
Burnt Friedman – First Night Forever
Cappablack РFa̤ades & Skeletons
Christopher Willits – Plants And Hearts
COH – Strings
David Kristian – Cricklewood
David Sylvian – When loud weather buffeted Naoshima
Deadbeat – Telsa & Miso EPs
Deepchord – Echospace
Dubstep Allstars Vol 3 (Mixed By Kode9)
Edith Progue – Timeline
Ekkehard Ehlers – A Life Without Fear
Ethan Rose – Spinning Pieces
Ethan Rose – Ceiling Songs
Ezekiel Honig – More Human Than Human Remix EP
Ezekiel Honig – Scattered Practices
Flim- Ohne Titel 1916
Flim – Pola Music
Frank Bretschneider – Rhythm
Frank Bretschneider – Party Of Two Parts EP
Gastón Arévalo – [THN099] Ultramar
Grad_u – KY_D15 Galwoju apie ja
Jodi Cave – for Myria
Kangding Ray. – Stabil
Keiichiro Shibuya – ATAK010 filmachine phonics
Lukid – Onandon
Mapstation – in the loss of clearity something else gets heard
Microcosm Music Volume One
Moskitoo – Drape
Moskitoo – Remixes
Múm – Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy
Murcof – Cosmos
Otomo Yoshihide – Monochrome Otomo
Prefuse 73 – Preparations & Interregnums
Prince Far I – Silver And Gold
Radiohead – In rainbows
Rei Harakami – Opa*Q
Rei Harakami – Unrest
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Life
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Christopher Willits – Ocean Fire
Sasaki san – Return of Sasaki san
Sawako – Madoromi
Signal – Robotron
Sigur Ros – Hvaf/Heim
Small Sails – Simialr Anniversaries
Swod – Sekunden
Tape & Minamo – Birds of a feather
Taylor Deupree – Landing
Taylor Deupree & Savvas Ysatis – The morning sleeping
Thurston Moore – Trees outside the academy
Valgeir Sigurdsson – Ekvilibrium
Yair Etziony – flawed

And various live sets including:
Rhythm & Sound, Scion & Tikiman, Pole, Monolake & Deadbeat, Andrea Parker, Tujiko Noriko – all found via the great sound+ site

EDIT: so given a bit of quiet time & reflection….
I am totally loving the Boxcutter album listed above
For my money I like it more than the much hyped Burial album….

Also been thrashing these two (free download) EPs:
[KY_D15 Galwoju apie ja] on Kyoto Dub netlabel
[THN099 Ultramar] on Thinner netlabel
tune in etc

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  5. Ruben

    32,534 songs
    111 days
    263.71 GB

    So how much music is too much?
    If you feel like checking, paste a comment with the size of your itunes library, I’m intrigued to know if ‘normal’ people have such out of control music habits….

    Well i’m not normal:
    36277 song, 108.3 days, 215.10 GB, and then i didn’t import all my cd’s yet from in my living room, i gotta admit most of it is fan music of bands i know so no1 else will know them (as i play in a band mysebut not everything is like that, besides i think my mac is getting too slow for that much music

  6. tim

    hey Ruben, so if you sort your whole library by ‘play count’
    just out of interest how much of your 36 zillion tunes
    have been listened to more than 5 times?

    it intigues me
    i know i own many books & dvds that i dont own to read/watch every day
    i just feel i need to own them so i can reference them whenever i need to
    and music is the same…..
    eg i like to know i have tom waits or sonic youth or fonica
    hanging around for when i need them…

  7. mariodhf

    Grad_u – KY_D15 Galwoju apie ja – you look like a real sound junkie. i cannot find this anywhere. advice needed, thx..

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