How R2D2 got his name

Here is the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan that has everything – an R2D2 media centre/video projector/ipod dock! But wait theres more! A Millenium Falcon remote control!

I think R2D2 is one the coolest robots in film history & a lot of his character comes from Ben Burts electronic vocalisations – if you want a burst of nostalgia go translate some english into R2D2 speak here – i love the little pitch bent tone/whistle it does when you put in a swear word! But slightly back on topic – do you know how R2D2 got his name? Apparently it was during the dialogue predubs for American Graffitti, Walter Murch explains in this interview: “When I was working with Dick Portman on Godfather, I had picked up his habit of voice-slating each reel: “Reel Four, Dialogue One,” for instance, would mean “Dialogue premix one for reel four,” and so on. Except he abbreviated it to “R-4, D-1,” something he had picked up from his father, Clem, who had been the mixer on King Kong and Citizen Kane. You can see where this is going. One day I was mixing the second dialogue premix for reel two of American Graffiti and voice-slated it “R-2, D-2,” and George, who’s sitting in front working on the script of “Star Wars”, suddenly stood up: “What did you say?” “Ummm, I don’t know.. R-2, D-2–is that what you mean?” “R2D2!!….What a great name!” he shouted, and went back to writing his script.”

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