Human Antenna

Human Antenna from Florian Kräutli on Vimeo.

Human Antenna, a graduation project from Design Academy Eindhoven 2009, by Florian Kräutli (thanks for tip Benoit!)

I remember experiencing this a bit when I was a kid – if I wanted to watch something on TV that my parents didn’t I’d have to go to the spare room that had an old black & white TV in it. But problem was that it got dodgy reception & sometimes the only way to get a clear signal was sit in a particular spot! I also remember in early days of PTIII, there was a tech support guy in NZ who if you were having problems as soon as he walked into the room the problem would go away! But within an hour of him leaving the problem would return. I soon learned to make him stress test our PT before he left ie drop 16 tracks into record, let it record for a while, then group the tracks & dice up the regions with lots of little fades etc so if it was an intermittent problem (the worst kind!) then it might occur a bit faster & preferably while he was there!

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