Ok – I have a major temp mix starting in 6 days time, there are more VFX unlocked (latched is the optimistic term) than I can count on ten sets of fingers and yet, there is progress… but the progress tends to be mostly in my uber-PT session, which is now totally max’ed out: 256 tracks, 192 voices – the PT session file is 22MB! I also have a conform/reel rebalance pending prior to the endless onslaught of VFX updates, which as we all know need a tweak before they are bedded into the cut = another conform… its madness, in that glorious, do far more than should-ever-be-possible way…. So I think this is my way of saying the quality of my posts in the next 2-3 weeks are going to be somewhat compromised, until the mix fixes/final vfx updates are implemented… So heres a few random links that have tweaked my browser recently:

A contact mic capable of recording ants footsteps: Sanken MO-64

Passive aggressive notes – many of which remind me why I am so happy to never have to flat with anyone else ever again…

Incredible listening devices – I want my own #2!

The birds of Hollywood: An unnatural history

Banned musical instrument causes insanity!

Soviet Synth Museum (oh and check out Olga – a virtual Soviet Synth!)

The joy of boredom

Cinema redux – movies displayed as a single image

5 Easy Steps to Output Dolby Digital from Quicktime Player

A lovely nostalgic collection of cassettes!

Another good ProTools tips blog: Sound Design Down Under

Just what we all need for those idiots who use their cellphone as a weapon of their own oblivious humiliation:

A worldclock where you can watch in real time as births outnumber deaths…

Calibrating your Subwoofer

Digital Needle – A Virtual Gramophone

‘Music as a Gradual Process’ by Steve Reich

No Fortissimo? Symphony Told to Keep It Down!

Harry Partch’s Instruments

And lastly, I love these weird loopy old photos

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