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Generally speaking, its a good day when I become aware of some new music, as in music I have never heard before & rapidly love… if I zoomed out for a very wide shot of the cultural planet I would presume it was a fixed commodity: there is only so much good music, surely? But god/jah/buddha bless the interweb & its ability to make me aware of sounds that a decade ago I would have needed some pretty interesting friends in distant places to have ever heard of even a fraction of what I now consider vital… Anyway, & to be more specific, I have just become aware of an album by a ‘band’ that goes by the name of ‘V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble’ and if jazz isnt usually part of your musical diet dont be put off by its mention here – this band share tonalities with many of the best ambient/experimental/electronic artists, but simultaneously maintain a beautiful immediately human touch, the absence of which can leave some of those purely electronic artists feeling a little austere/cold hearted….

“Words are kind of tricky. This might actually be one of the instances where words are redundant, but I’m on a train right now and the activities available are somewhat limited.
So, here goes;
By letting people know that you are not part of a something, for instance a “musical movement”, you are automatically letting yourself be controlled by the thing that you claim to have no connection to. In other words, a negated reference is still very much a reference and one should be aware of the fact that by making a statement such as “this is not one of those tired testosterone-fuelled free jazz records” you are inviting the connection between your work and the very thing that you are trying to avoid. Perhaps even more importantly, you are letting yourself be defined by what you’re not. This all sounds quite serious. I could follow this up by writing that “this is not a manifesto”, but by now we all know that saying that would kind of turn it into one. Yeah.”

Anyway go have a listen on their myspace page or visit their record label iDEAL

Within minutes of hearing the title track of the album I knew this was going to be an album I will listen to a lot; the swelling drone underpinning the 28 minute track ‘Do Nothing ‘Til You Hear From’ is just that beautiful! Highly reccomended!

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