I.D. the sound #001

ok, your mission should you choose to accept it is to identify the sound!

I am prepared to answer yes/no questions but I will try & avoid providing any clues… So the question is specifically how was the sound created? It was recorded in real time & hasnt been processed or manipulated at all:


I remember when i was a kid they used to have something like this on the radio. (And yes there is a prize, although i haven’t decided what it is yet)

6 thoughts on “I.D. the sound #001

  1. tim

    via email

    “I think it’s a closely recorded lead pencil point being drawn/pulled over
    a piece of corrugated cardboard…”


  2. Hamish

    Hmmm. Similar to last guess, but; masking tape or similar being applied to a cardboard box? The mic being nearer the box than the mic. But the really low frequencies at the start make me doubt this guess. Intriguing.

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