Industrial Sakai


After some Google earth vs maps research I headed off this morning to explore industrial parts of Sakai… Managed to find a train station that got me within 4 blocks, on a cute train line that was only 3 stops long – I guess built to deliver workers to & from the same industrial area I wanted to visit… Next step was crossing this bridge, where I found my first ambience to record


Through & under the bridge I could hear some huge loud clanks & bangs, and it soon became apparent a ship was loading itself with a crane & a big set of claws…


I recorded this perspective for 10 minutes but decided it was a sound worth pursuing so tried to get closer to it…. But after walking for 20 minutes it soon became apparent I couldn’t get closer from the factory side, but I did find this weird green compressor thing:


It seemed to be constantly building pressure, and then every 14 seconds would release a blast of air and carry on, ad infinitum… I recorded for 10 minutes and started to think of it as a weird set of lungs, wheezing away…


Any idea what could create these patterns? It was on the footpath, so couldn’t be vehicle wheels…. my only thought was… snails?


My super power = recording through security fences


Eventually I started to get tired – lugging my mics & recorder & camera in 28 degree heat takes its toll, so I wandered back across the bridge and walked along until I found a clear spot away from traffic & directly across the water from that ship! Set up the mics & proceed to lie down in the grass & shade & snooze for 20 minutes while I recorded it = best perspective yet!


Along from where I was set up, there were a few elderly gents fishing & one came wandering along to see what I was doing – without saying anything I gestured the headphones to him….


It is always so nice to see someones face light up when they realise what you are doing! Funnily enough in all of my recording in Japan plenty of people obviously see the mics and I see them glance at me & think WTF? But rarely does anyone approach me, the few previous times were two photographers in Ginza, and a security guard in Shinjuku (who asked me to leave) – the only other was an elderly lady in Amagasaki who was very sweet and I gave her my headphones for a listen but didnt have my camera ready to take a photo of the reaction….

One thing I do love with my little Song a6300 is silent mode – unlike DSLRs that have quiet mode which really is nowhere near silent, the a6300 being mirrorless can be truly silent. This helps if trying to stealthily capture a photo of someone, but also means that while I am recording I can potter around taking photos without having to edit out the shutter sound afterwards… WIN WIN!!



Caught the train back to Namba station & wandered outside and recorded some pedestrian & traffic ambiences…



Its my last week in Kansai so am rapidly making a to do list, and suspect I will come back to this intersection with my XPAN/TX2 and shoot some long exposures of those crazy diagonal pedestrian crossing markings…

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