It lives!!

Instead of watching ritualised violence (RWC) on TV last night I finished installing modules into my new Goikes synth cases & booted it up for the first time – OMFG!!! It lives!!!!




You can see by how few cables I have patched in that all I did was check everything was powering up, then patched the clock to all the sequencers & watched the blinking lights… I’m just waiting on two Malekko Wiard JAGs to clear customs & a VC switch for the two A155s and its a fully functioning melon farmer…. I’ve been documenting the build so will post it later this week, plus the thought process of how I’ve laid out the modules, as it involved lots of head scratching & philosophising i.e. how do I intend to use this? How can I minimise patch cable length etc.. Whenever I see photos of peoples modular synths totally unpatched I always wonder – do they always do a complete reset when they’ve finished exploring a patch? Mine is definitely configured for some elements to always be hooked up (eg the AS 808 drum modules) but more on that later – I have some loud bass heavy analogue squelching to do! Next photos (& video/sound) will be my first proper patch! Standby…

7 thoughts on “It lives!!

  1. Stephen Saldanha

    I’d like to but I don’t really know much about modular stuff, it looks great though.

  2. martin wheeler

    Looking forward to teading your module placement philosophisin’. I’m a few months into building a eurorack system – currently about 15u – and it is driving me crazy … BTW Your system looks wonderful … But you know that already 😉

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  4. Clyde Lambourn

    Great stuff!! Matt sent me this link the other day when I ased him how you’d got on with your Goikes Synth case. Good looki’ wood. I’m glad it all worked out.



    1. tim Post author

      Hi Clyde
      Once my deadlines settle down, I think a personal inspection & demo is required – will be in touch!

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