Kanazawa 1

While staying in Japan I always like to do a road trip, to get away from the cities and explore some of Japans diverse environment… While researching this trip I stumbled across the idea of visiting Noto Peninsula, and thanks to a Reddit comment discovered an incredible ryokan to stay at, right at the tip of Noto Peninsula… After managing to get a booking we headed off, first a 2.5 hour train trip from Osaka to Kanazawa, then picking up a rental car and driving 2.5 hours to the ryokan…

Of course that 2.5 hour drive more like 5 hours due to stopping often for photos, but it was also a reminder of how much I miss being near the ocean, and when the opportunity appeared to drive along the beach, well…. how could we not!

Next stop was Hatago Iwa “The rocks are considered sacred and are connected by a shimenawa, a rope used in Shinto to mark the presence of sacred spirits”

These were difficult to photograph and we ended up spending an hour or so here – I shot a roll of film, trying different angles & exposures with my Fuji TX2/XPAN and Lee Filters, can’t wait to see the results!

Just as dusk fell we arrived at the ryokan Lampnoyado – a 400 year old ryokan, right on the edge of the Japan Sea… The access is so difficult and steep that there is a carpark up top of the hill and a car picks you up to deliver you down to the ryokan….

Our room was literally on the waters edge, opening the doors let the sound of the ocean in

We had also opted for a room with a private onsen/hot pool.. bliss!

One aspect of staying at a traditional ryokan is the fact that dinner and breakfast are usually included, and as this ryokan was expensive (about triple what I would usually spend on a hotel, but YOLO right!?) I was very much looking forward to dinner… And it was simply divine, a multi course experience of local fresh fish and vegetables… beautifully prepared, every element was a subtle explosion of flavour


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