Kart Recording

Don’t expect too much here for next few days – I’m off on a Shifter Kart recording mission to New Plymouth, primarily to record this kart (which is for sale incase you are interested for NZ$4,500)


I’ve been to a couple of local race meetings and now really need sounds from a single kart, exterior passes & moves but also a lot of onboard sound which will be a challenge given how small these karts are – sure wouldn’t want any cables hanging loose!

Heres a few examples of what I am after, except in high fidelity (watch your sound levels – nasty distorty audio!)

Could this be the future of car gaming?

Not sure I’d like to see what it does when you crash!

7 thoughts on “Kart Recording

      1. tim Post author

        hes obviously an optimist…. and probably hasn’t experienced that weird feeling flying back from NZ where a day literally disappears on you…

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