black sheep

The last film we completed sound design for just had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, apparently to much ‘laughter & shrieking’ which is appropriate seeing as the film is a black comedy/horror by the name of Black Sheep. It screened in the Midnight Madness section fo the festival to a full house of 1200!
In hindsight one thing this film achieved was to mess with every idyllic childhood memory I have of growing up on a farm, but in a hilarious way rather than there being any permanent damage!

A couple of reviews from Toronto:
twitch film review
mcn blogs review

There is also a video clip online actually from the film;
a scene from reel 1 where we first meet the lamb creature
(oh how I wish the audio from youtube clips was better!)

And by the way, I found these clips via this great blog on NZ film

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