Let There Be Light BBC Documentary

I just finished watching a truly fascinating BBC documentary from the Imagine series called Let there be Light which is about artists who work with light as their primary medium. Now of course every visual artists involves light in some form but for these artists light & perception of light is the very essence of their work. Artists include Dan Flavin, James Turrell, Liliane Lijn, & United Visual Artists.
Heres a link to the video in four parts – I tried embedding them but it seems impossible to disable autoplay, so all four videos load & start playing as soon as this page loads!?!

3 thoughts on “Let There Be Light BBC Documentary

  1. Charlie

    Have been searching for this for ages, but can’t seem to play ‘Xvid’ on live video, and it’s the only version left of it on the internet. any chance you could upload it to youtube?


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