Live Looper #5 – David Ford

Apparently thats take four & about 15 cups of coffee were involved!

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4 thoughts on “Live Looper #5 – David Ford

  1. Evan Williams

    Ha! That’s great! Makes it look like a one-man operation but surely someone in the control room would’ve been switching the looper in and out of record..? I wonder what looping device/software was used?

    I’ve been working lately on building some live looping samplers in Reaktor so this is particularly interesting to me.

    I suppose if a software looper was used it could be sequenced to kick in and out of record at the right places. And change signal routing too…

    All good fun!

    1. admin Post author

      theres something immensely satisfying watching a piece of music form before your very eyes huh? i’ve got an akai headrush looper pedal which is lots of fun although i mostly use it with my modular synth… i have LIVE 8 with its new built-in looper but havent played with it much… this site has a lot of great info:

  2. Evan Williams

    I’ve heard lots of great things about LIVE 8. I’m going to have to investigate it I think.

    Thanks for the link – looks like a good site but I’ll have to wait until I have more time to explore it.

    I’m actually giving some of my Reaktor looping instruments their debut appearance at a gig on Thursday evening at Mighty Mighty. It’s an album release gig for Stevie Starr. I’m mostly playing drums but will do a bit of electronics as well.

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