magic smoke





but also..
if you use eurorack modular
experiencing ‘magic smoke’ is a bummer
it means there is a major fault and something just died & went to heaven

will a fuse save you? should a fuse save you?
that’s going to depend on the fuse

For example,
will the fuse blow faster than whatever component the fault is about to blow?
the only possible answer, based on un-defined externalaties is… “it depends”





Given the cost of eurorack cases with psu, a better question to ask is:
does this power supply have protection?

When I got my cases built, they came with TipTop power supplies
and no matter the fault, the worst they do is not power on.
They have protection (ie detect a fault & protect the valuables)

I’ve blown a few modules via faulty power in Doepfer G6 cases…

Check your protection!





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