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10 rolls of film off to the lab tomorrow

1. KODAK TriX 400 x 36
2. KODAK TriX 400 x 36
3. KODAK TriX 400 x 36

1. KODAK TriX 400 x 36
2. FUJI Velvia 100 x 36
3. KODAK Ektar 100 x 36
4. FUJI Velvia 100 x 36
5. FUJI Velvia 50 x 36
6. FUJI PRO 400H x 36
7. FUJI PRO 400H x 36

I’ve noticed changes in my behaviour since the TX2 arrived – while my Contax T2 is a ‘snapshot’ camera the TX2 is a camera for more considered, sentient shooting – no one told me to change my behaviour but I have noticed the change when using it, especially with the super wide 30mm lens & viewfinder attached.

Compared with digital I would likely fire off a dozen or more shots, while thinking about framing a location or situation, chimping to verify my doubts or lack of confidence.

With the TX2 I tend to have ideas and check them through the viewfinder, not necessarily thinking about what I am seeing per se but allowing my instincts to dictate whether there is actually a shot there or not.
If not, no photo is taken…. maybe reframe & iterate or move on…

I think this is strengthening my ability to previz a photo, whereas shooting any & everything with digital has allowed me to evolve to a degree but maybe as far as clarity of vision goes it does the opposite…

Of course all judgement reserved until those 10 rolls come back from the lab… I shall have a nice bottle of sake chilled & ready for the moment!


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