Mana Sunsets x Solar Can

My longest exposure photo yet = 50 days!
Shutter opened on Feb 12 and closed on April 2nd – this was shot with a SolarCan gaffer taped to my lounge window….

Last night in the dark I got a can opener and took the top off one of the Solar Can pinhole cameras, pulled the exposed photo paper out & scanned it. The image above is that photo inverted, horizontal flipped, cropped & cleaned up a bit….

Reference photos merged…

Next Spring I’ll set one up & capture the entire path of the sun as it moves from beyond my view North, to beyond my view South…



2 thoughts on “Mana Sunsets x Solar Can

    1. tim Post author

      I think I might have to mass produce some pinhole cameras now! Keen to put them lots of places now

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