One of the aspects of microtonality that really strikes me as odd, is this:
I am yet to hear a single piece of music that I like, composed with a (human invented) microtone scale. It could well be that I am just too indoctrinated to the tuning of my piano… Except I dearly love so many naturally occurring sounds with microtone content!

When I was a kid one of the first electronic sounds I heard & loved, was the original series of Doctor Who. Accordingly later in life I loved reading about Delia Derbyshires and her use of a particular green lampshade, and as we know there are so many objects with exquisitely beautiful microtonality.

So I have always wonder what tools there are to take eg a resonant green lampshade and extract a microtone scale from it. We do this all the time as audio, eg granular processing and spectrum freezes easily extend naturally occurring microtonality as audio.
But what software exists, like Scala except its selection of microtones for scale creation is based on the analysis of audio?



UPDATE!! found this article: Sound to Scale to Sound





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