Mixing a film (part 3)

Oh my god, i still dont quite believe it, but we have finished mixing!
After what feels like an eternity spent in a dark occasionally LOUD room
(& was probably actually 4 weeks) we have final mixed all the reels!

And screened them in a continuous run, discussed the comments & notes from the director, producer & execs, implemented the changes, reconformed for picture changes, screened again, implemented new material & essentially finished…
The mix will now be screened in LA for the uber-execs & i suspect we will get a few final mix notes to update prior to completion & print mastering but for all intents & purposes we are DONE!
And I bought a lovely bottle of 1800 tequila to celebrate the fact!
Hallelujah Jah! It went down a treat…. cathartic!

One funny side note, we all work in these intense work environments
oblivious at times, due to the immediate needs at hand… but at one
point during the mix someone commented ‘this really isnt the place to
be if you have a fear of monitors’
i laughed too, but after i took that photo above I counted up the number
of screens on the dub stage…there are 26 seperate monitors in that room!
Obviously that includes the bank of screens associated with the Euphonix
mixing desk but holy cow, talk about visual feedback for your soundtrack!?!

And technology aside I am left with a huge sense of warmth from the
dedicated work of a combination of many many clever creative lovely
people involved in making the soundtrack for this film – respect!

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