mixing a film – part 1

We have just started mixing this film at Park Road Post – Peter Jackson’s fantastic film post production facility. So I thought I might document the process a little….

For the first week or so we are mixing in two rooms – the dialogue & ADR premix is happening next door in Theatre 3 while we start the atmos/ambience premix in one of the bigger theatres, Theatre 2.
We will spend two or thre days on atmos and are printing to a number of 5.0 and LCR stems, so as to maintain some flexibility in the final mix. After thats done we’ll move onto the sound effects premix followed by the foley premix….
All up we’ll be three weeks premixing everything before the score is ready & we can start final mixing – I can’t wait! Its always a joy to have everything fully premixed & finally get to hear it in context….

Heres a screen shot of the ProTools session for Reel 1 Atmos:

After lunch I got distracted & started taking photos through a glass:

no photoshop filters involved! cool huh?

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