mixing a film – part 2

Ok we’ve finished premixing all the FX – between the three of us cutting FX we premixed our elements down to 5.1 stems (from A -> L) which took us 6 days.

Next was the foley premix, which will take us 3 days work and then… set up for the final mix! Its always quite a concentrated mission, patching up the Euphonix Series 5 desk as it can handle over 250 tracks, and they tend to get filled up! The orchestral score is arriving on Monday and has been recorded and premixed in Los Angeles…
Its only then that we get to see what the final soundtrack is going to sound like. we will spend one day per reel final mixing, and we usually start the day by playing down the reel with all the faders up, to get a feel for it… It then becomes a moment by moment, scene by scene process of balancing all of the elements into a cohesive dramatic soundtrack. In a funny way the difference between that first run through in the morning and where we are by the end of the day is like slowly bringing an image into focus. The content is essentially the same but how you perceive it all is radically different. And good mixers make it seem easy, which it sure isn’t!

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