MIXTAPE.01: Time Travel

Consider this the first in an erratic series!

Download mixtape.01 mp3 (82.5MB)

The reason the tape is called time travel is because in making it I went for a wander through all of my music collection and the resulting tracklist reflect tunes from my entire musical memory ie from when I first became musically sentient through until today…
Heres an anecdotal tracklist:

01 Bernard Herman – RKO theme
My favourite early sound memories relate to the first films that I went to with my grandmother Irene (may she rest in peace) – such films as Willy Wonka, Dr Doolittle, Wizard of Oz. Not sure if this was the theme they played at the start of the screening but it sure feels like the era & prods my memory a little….

02 Talking Heads – Listening Wind (Remain in Light, 1980)
I can still remember my brother bringing a tape of this home from school – he was a Talking Heads fan from day one but this album was just too weird for him… but for me, its otherworldliness evoked feelings in me no other music had.. Of course the later Byrne/Eno album My Life In The Bush of Ghosts did the same except even more so….

03 Laurie Anderson – Walking & Falling (Big Science, 1982)
My older sister was a big Laurie Anderson fan & similarly brought a tape of this home from school – Oh Superman must be the most unlikely pop song EVER! But this track is the one that does it for me – the combination of her beautiful nonchalant tone of voice & that ambient resonant music is just spellbinding and still influences me to this day….

04 Talking Heads – Drugs (Fear of Music, 1979)
Same era, or earlier actually than track 2 – I just love the space & funk of this track… and the backwards delays… in fact the production combined with a great band playing minimally is just genius…

05 The Orb – Towers of Dub (U.F.Orb, 1992)
First time I heard this tune was in a paddock, on a big sound system and ahhhhhh when that bassline dropped in…

06 Scientist – Super Nova Explosion (Meets Space Invaders, 1981)
I love dub reggae & for em scientist is still someone i consider my favourite producer. It snot just his innovative techniques (he was filter sweeping the bass a few decades before the drum & bass kids caught on) but its also in his selection of tunes. scientist tracks always have the sweetest basslines & this track is a good example…

07 African Head Charge – Far Away Chant (My Life In A Hole In The Ground, 1981)
An Arts school flatmate of mine brought this LP home many years ago & so began a love of the On-U sound label. I equally love much of the more melodic music produced, such as Dub Syndicate, Singers & Players etc but there is something beautiful in the purely experimental nature of African Head Charge.. this track also features the infamous Prince Fari and a truck load of beautiful room ambience… you can almost smell this record from down the hall!

08 Mbuti Pygmies Of The Ituri Rainforest – Second Molimo Song For Great Occasion (1958)
Twice in my early life I came across the beautiful music of pygmies. First in the Wim Wenders film Until the End of the World, and secondly while camping on the Corromandel & tuning into BFMs specialist show Ross Clark’s The Audible world, late on a Sunday night.

09 Rhythm & Sound – King In My Empire (The Versions, 2003)
Dub from the future – this music feels new & old at the same time! Love the bass, Cornel Campbells vocal, the tone, the minimalism but mostly I love the vibe of it – so warm & inviting…

10 Future 3 – Look Ahead (Like… 2001)
Dub Tractor was actually the first music I heard by this members of this collective & I still listen to it a lot, ditto for Thomas Knak… a slightly european take on minimalist micro dub…

11 Kit Clayton – Nia-Ikala (Nek Sanalet, 1999)
This album was loaned to me by a friend (thanks Rachel!) who knew I loved dub, but it was also before I really started listening to electronic/digital music…. and I could see the connection…

12 Deepchord Presents : Echospace – Winter In Seney (The Coldest Season, 2007)
The deeper side of contemporary dub, I love the restraint..

13 Alva Noto & Ryuchi Sakamoto – Uoon I (Vrioon, 2002)
This album was another pivot point in my listening – the electronics & processing of Alva Noto beautifully offset the sparse piano, but it is that piano that really made me listen… Sakmaoto-san is a genius of restraint!

14 Max Richter – The Trees/Written On The Sky (Blue Notebooks, 2004)
I first heard Max Richter last year when a piece was used for a while as temp score during 30 Days of Night… Its so great to hear contemporary classical music that isnt po-faced/self important and best of it, it lets you in without the need for a music degree!

15 Carter Burwell – Moose Lake (Fargo OST, 1996)
Ah the Coen Brothers! They bring out the best work from many people & Carter Burwell is no exception.

16 Cliff Martinez – Helicopter (Traffic OST, 2000)
When I first saw/heard this film I fell in love with the mix as much as the music – many moments & scenes were played as music only & the only reason it worked was because the music was so strong but without overstating its intent….

17 Gustavo Santaolalla – El Apartmento (Amores Perros OST, 2000)
Just a small fragment from the beautiful scores Gustavo Santalalla has produced, this being from one of the first that I saw…

18 Ryuichi Sakamoto – DNA (Tony Takitani OST, 2004)
After seeing this film at the NZ FIlm festival I was desperate to get the soundtrack, such was its evocative power… ah I could rant endlessly about the beauty of the space between the notes, the chord clusters, the restraint… oops I just did, sorry…

19 Neills Beach, West Coast, NZ (my poor old DAT machine, 1998)
Recorded at night from a distance, two days before the end of 1998

And yes it will just fit on one side of a 90 minute cassette!

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