Moar rain!?!



Look, if it’s going to continue raining then eventually I will run out of props to put my microphones inside!!

6 tuned wind chime pipes x 6 Usi Pro microphones



Rain textures in my Tunnel house
MKH8040x2 + MKH8020 x2 + MKH70x2
Tamarillo x3 + Banana Palm x2 + Satsuma Mandarin x4
Olive Trees x2 + Apricot Tree x1 + Yuzu x2 + Lime x3 + Avacado x3



2 kettles, 3 buckets & a bowl x 6 Usi Pro microphones



Still fckng raining = more tuned pipes!



Still fckng raining = gongs!

They needed dusting, so rather than them getting wet & rusting I am cleaning them with fresh rain water… and then will dry them!





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