More Two Dimensional Sounds

Dub Syndicate live, Soundsplash, Raglan 2007

my nephew Morris, firing my starter pistol while I record IRs
my brothers farm, Southland, NZ

best use for a guitar?

Gaylenes bach, Takaka

component stencil, Ponsonby Rd, Auckland

250+ input Euphonix desk, Park Road Post (photographed through a glass)

my overnight studio – borrowed a friends apartment in Herne Bay, Auckland 2004
(& sampled her Oscar Petterson records…)

skipping ‘class’ from the Berlinale Talent Campus – record shopping, Berlin, Feb 2006

ps if anyones interested, remind me to rant about the Berlinale Talent Campus
500 film makers from all over the globe… including maybe a dozen composers
& my year, one sound designer (me) – mind blowing in ways they never intended!!!

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