More two dimensional sounds

Yes, too busy to write much more than this; final mix starts Monday….

the ultimate buzztrack: Manapouri Power Station
down a 2km spiral tunnel underground, Fiordland, NZ

random – how did it get there? & who set fire to it?

a random very old record with beautiful artwork, predating waveforms….

throwing stones, making (sound) waves

wabi sabi piano

the morning after… post jam empties

what do electric cats dream of when their batteries go flat?

sigur ros, ear plugs = bliss (but amiina ruled!)

macro music box – the tunes irrelevant after my battery drill recharges

the softest/densest/most dangeorous white water/noise = Huka Falls

2 thoughts on “More two dimensional sounds

  1. Evan Williams

    Hi Tim,

    I was at the Sigur Ros concert in Auckland a couple of years ago too. I agree – way too loud for an un-prepared, earplug-less person like me. But Amiina were sublime. I had never heard of them until that day, but I became an instant fan. After the wonderful detail and intricacies of their opening set, the sonic onslaught from Sigur Ros was quite disappointing.

  2. tim

    There is a brilliant video online of Amiina playign live on TV in Iceland – its a beautiful performance of about 4 or 5 of their early songs & a lovely recording… I’ll see if I can find a link to it…

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