Move fast & break things, including the law?

I never heard the new AI voice thing, other than on The Daily Show where they rightly skewered it for what it was… But today I saw on twitter a copy of Scarlett Johanssons statement, and wow…

The old saying about begging for forgiveness rather than asking permission doesn’t apply when you did actually ask permission, were denied & proceeded regardless. Someone mentioned a relevant precedent of ‘Waits versus Frito-Lay’ so I did a quick search and now have even more respect for Tom Waits.

Basically he has always refused to work on ads, and was asked to voice an ad for some snack food. So they found a ‘sound-alike’ and proceeded regardless. Waits sued & was awarded US$2.6 million in compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees! Summary of events is here

Now imagine how much Johansson will be suing for!



to add, a little doco about the Tom Waits case





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