Apart from the boring technical problems with the server that this blog lives on, I’m also in the process of packing up & moving my life & studio, for the exact same reason as the last time I moved: other peoples greed!

My last studio was in central city & I had a 3 year lease – when my lease came up for renewal the owners were happy for me to stay, but only if I was prepared to pay double the rent! Being in central city meant that slowly the office & light industrial buildings had been filled with apartments & so I begrudgingly packed up & moved.

So this studio has been in an industrial area & I thought I was safe from developers – I took out a 3+3 lease & settled in, but six years have passed, my lease is up for renewal & guess what? The owners want to double my rent! Now I appreciate we are supposedly in the middle of an economic recession but there are two other buildings in the same street that are empty & have been that way for over six months. So I guess the owners are happy to have no income from their building for a while, or they presumed I would just meet their demands. The hell I will!?!

The up side to all of this is it motivated me to finally escape the renters nightmare! So here is my new home & studio:

Its on the top floor of a 1960s building & I doubt I can do film work from there (neighbours & subwoofers don’t tend to not go together very well) but I will be doing some sound isolation tests as soon as I move… Its such a lovely light filled space – it just feels immediately creative… and it has a deck:

Heres a panoramic photo of the view (click to enlarge)

More photos here

I’ll post a few before/after photos once I’ve moved & installed myself!

One thought on “Moving

  1. Jason

    Ouch! Sorry to hear of the rent doubling. It’s tiresome how Central Wellington seems to be a constant game to keep a place. The new view looks nice though.

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