MT Hutt

Mt Hutt
Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100

Funny with this photo. The road up Mt Hutt usually requires chains as it rapidly becomes alpine leading up to a great ski field. But in Summer, its a dirt road which is easy enough to drive up (pending weather of course) There is a network of mountainbike tracks on the lower levels but maybe two thirds of the way to the skifield there is this avalanche control area, with huge poles. As I drove up I passed these two people, really working hard training for alpine hiking. I got to the avalanche control area and shot a few rolls of film and saw them coming… I framed & focused the shot, and 20 seconds before the guy walked out into the open I shouted ‘ok to take a photo?’ silence… then ‘yep!’ puff puff…. i shoot a few frames… they disappear out of shot left… and then… ‘thanks for asking…’

Mt Hutt Road is a fantastic scenic drive in Canterbury – lots of MTB tracks… During winter it often requires chains but whether its winter or summer, the view out to the Canterbury Plains is spectacular! Some vertigo may also be involved…

Mt Hutt google maps link
Mt Hutt Road topomaps link



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