Mud pool x hydrophone




Revisited a favourite location today, except this time armed with a pair of H2A hydrophones! I started off timid, dropping hydrophone in close, recording for a few minutes and retrieving them to check temperature… an hour later I was lobbing them 30m into the pool..





When recording here in the past it has been really frustrating, with tourists wandering by loudly ruining my recordings… This time not so much, a few (local) tourists & kids none of who took much notice of me…
Quite a challenge, trying to target the hydrophones… but for a couple of the takes I managed to land them right in an active bubble, which once they sank created more sub bass than my headphones could handle… Will reserve judgment until I can listen on studio speakers & sub… Had some great Tonaktsu ramen for lunch in Rotorua, and found more than a few new favourite xpan photo locations too… win/win/win!





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