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Of that stack of records in the previous post, the left column of records (maybe 10 or 12 crates) are a series of records I inherited from a post facility that was being dissolved. I knew they had this particular library of records stored unused for a decade or two & many, many times had said that if ever they were to get rid of them then I would happily provide a new home for them… So on the last day of the facility moving I got a call: a van is on its way with the records for you!

So what records are they? Well they are Library Music records as in: “Library music (also known as source or mood music) is music that is composed purely for the purpose of being used in movies, adverts, tv programmes etc. Library music isn’t composed for a particular movie or tv programme, but is composed with a style or mood in mind – for example; “love scene”, “chase scene”, “spooky scene”, “spacey scene” etc. Composers would be commisioned by music libraries to compose, perform and record these pieces of music. The composer would then sell the music to the music library who, in turn, would licence the music out to film and TV producers.”

This collection of records dates back to 78rpm & through into late 70s & I totally realise how valuable they are, simply because a friend keeps trying to borrow some of them & said he bought one LP recently off Ebay for US$40…. it is very collectable – there is a great article here about the resurgence of the format, if for nothing else than for sampling from… and this company Moviegrooves actually still sells some library music…

There was also an excellent book released a few years back that was primarily about the great artwork associated with Music Library releases: The Music Library Graphic Art & Sound – Library Music LP Cover Art from the 60s & 70s….

You can buy it at Moviegrooves here or at here – weirdly dont have it in stock… As an added bonus, the book also includes a 17 track CD with a selection of previously unreleased 60s and 70s library music tracks! I’m not one to provide dodgy links, but have a listen here

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