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One day I am going to actually finish & release some music & I swear its going to be this year… Accordingly I keep an eye out for interesting theories as to how best to develop an audience, especially as I have no intention of performing live which is the traditional method. So if you have a similar interest then have a read of this article: What successful Internet marketers know and what musician marketers don’t

As with many opinionated articles on the interweb, please also read the comments as they provide interesting counter arguments, perspectives and a few other approaches that have worked for the individuals involved….

There is of course, no one right method to getting your music head, but gaining insight from other peoples experiences is a valuable resource.

3 thoughts on “Music Marketing Online

  1. Benoit Tigeot

    It’s true. When I’ve submitted my first album on internet (under Creative Common Licence), I received massive feedbacks from listeners, because the website was/is famous and they hadn’t lot of albums. Now if you try to submit an album on the same website, you hope than one guy gonna listen it!
    People are too creative!

    But for me, a very important things is the live and performances.
    I hope, one day, create music for a video art exhibition. Like Ryoji Ikeda ou Alva Noto.

    1. tim Post author

      That is called research – I spent 18 months doing research before I launched HISSandaROAR. Do you expect me to do your research for you? The first step to the answer is where do you buy sound effects? If you don’t buy sound effects then you have not done any research at all. Make a list of everywhere that you know of that sells sound effects. Compare them. How have they done it? You then have to decide, do I give my sounds to someone else to sell or do I set up my own shop?

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