Music of Wires – part 2

This diagram & idea deserves its own post (thanks heaps to moongold for sharing!) – its a great site worth further investigation!

I can tell you right now, if I had followed in my Dads footsteps I would own a farm by now, but I also know my own character too well & if I had, all the fences would be like the one above. There was a great story in the rural area down south where I grew up of a slightly nuts proto-farmer who bought a farm there & when he did his fencing it appeared all the fence posts had been installed upside down, ie all the pointy bits were pointing skywards! No one had the heart to go dig up a fence post to find out if infact he had just decided to install the fence normally & then sharpen the exposed ends for some reason that escaped your normal farmer, but I totally enjoyed the idea of eccentric farming…. Ditto for someone who would build a jetty like this one:

It would seem inspired, but as you started to get dizzy when returning home with a dinner of fresh fish you would realise it was more creative than practical!
Land art, or environmental art (or whatever it is ‘correctly’ labelled by academia) intrigues the hell out of me, especially if it engages the sonic sense. So please do reccomend me the most interesting & inspiring environmental sound art you’ve either heard of (or preferably experienced) so I can add it to my future travel agenda…

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  1. brendan j hogan

    Did you know that there are hundreds of species of cicadas and that in places where there are many species living together (like the jungle’s of South East Asia) they take turns singing throughout the day? It is possible even to tell the time of day with a margin of error of only five minutes; just by listening to which species of cicada is singing at that moment. Most sound like a horror movie sound track but once, when I was sitting with a group of monks in a monastery on top of a fogged in mountain, I heard a cicada sound that sounded exactly like a violin section playing one continually sustaining note. I will remember that forever.

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