Music & the Golden Ratio

ok, so the title of this post sounds serious but no, sorry, I havent discovered some connection between all music of the last century and the light reflected off a paua shell… Time is one funny concept: there is only now, but now keeps on presenting itself for reinterpretation, for example I heard a tune on Mary Anne Hobbes supposedly cutting edge BBC Radio One radio show last night (time shifted to when I feel like listening to it) and amongst all the admittedly great, inspiring music was this song that had two immediately recognisable samples in it: the amen break & that brass sample Public Enemy annoyed everyone with back in the day. Second (or third) gen retro?

The Golden Ratio?

So what? Well the former sample reminded me of this great article I stumbled across a while back & although I don’t personally like the amen break (it became so over-used & generic in the early development of drum & bass) and could never use it myself, I was still hankering for a reason to link to it… so here you go: check out how this theoretician links the amen break to the Golden Ratio: here

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