my analogue ipod

Check out my ipod – it holds 2,500 albums, has full size artwork (not crappy little pixelated mush) & fits in your pocket (if you happen to have a pocket the size of small car)

One of the things about music that I love is the fact it is so embedded with memories & while that holds true of vinyl I am not so convinced of it applying to MP3s – will kids nowadays later reminisce about downloading an album & putting a few tracks in a playlist? Some of the records in that photo signify crucial, formative moments in my life & I am very happy to still own then, even if I do have to carry all 35 crates up 4 flights of stairs to their new home!?!

And here is the second half of my iPod, the deck on the right is of course a Technics SL1200 – I used to have a pair of them but sold one to buy the turntable on the left; a Vestax PDX2000. I first came across the Vestax at a brilliant but now sadly defunct record store in Auckland called Beautiful Music, where they had a pair setup for auditioning tunes etc… The first time I used it I freaked out, not due to the sound but due to the pitch controller; your normal Technics SL1200 has a pitch control +/- 8% whereas the Vestax allows pitch variation +/- 60%!!! And it has a backwards button!!! So if you’re like me & want to explore & sample records backwards at very slow speeds then its a fait accompli – meet your new turntable!

Don’t get me wrong I do own an ipod, in fact I own four ipods:

Left to right, a first generation 20GB, a 2GB one for ’emergencies’ (ie long flights when first ipod batteries run out) then a 60GB third gen ipod (which lives in the car) and on the right a 32GB iPod Touch. When I got the Touch I was impressed with all the apps available for it & what they were capable of, but some of the music apps left me wondering; are people so assimilated into their transient lifestyle that they are happy to approach making music the same way as sending txt messages on their phone? Back in the day if you wanted to make music you played an instrument whereas it seems now its a very blurry line as to who makes music, how they make it & what the relative merits are. If you zoom out somewhat making music now almost seems like a desk/office job, I mean have you ever noticed the similarities between ableton LIVE and Microsoft Excel? When did music become primarily about convenience? Oh right, ipods… instant gratification… its technological progress but is it creative progress?

Lastly, heres another interesting technological progression, discovered while packing:

The two on the left arent actually cellphones, but they easily could be had I been an early adopter. Leftmost is a walky talky and second to left is a scanner & I guess if I was fully assimilated there should be an iPhone on the right, but there isnt… I actually detest phones & consider cell phones a necessary evil – my cellphone is usually on silent & has an answer message a bit like: “Is it really an emergency? If so hit redial, other wise txt me…”

But dont worry I haven’t become a luddite – far from it, I own & love a lot of technology… & a certain amount of it owns me. In fact in the process of moving I will try & post an epic ‘tims life illustrated by the synths he owns’ timeline

2 thoughts on “my analogue ipod

  1. Stu as "Stu"

    This blog would have been perfect if not for the luddite wiki link… surely anyone who is reading this and needs a link to “luddite” should just hit the back button (or backspace, if they’re either a programmer or from iGen).

    Anyway, love your love…

    Slainte mhath

    1. tim Post author

      not everyone is as sentient as you or I…..
      think of the kids who cant even spell luddite,
      let alone google it 😉

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