Its really just a test but its the first time I have shot timelapse with my Canon D30 controlled by a TC80N3… the youtube vid is so reduced in quality it isnt funny – the D30 is shooting about twice HD resolution so when I get home I’ll be generating some HDVD versions…
Location was by Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo…

2 thoughts on “MY FIRST TIMELAPSE

  1. David


    good to see you are getting into timelapse. I’m a full timelapse addict.
    There is a site called that lets you upload up to 2 gig files so they stay nice and shiny.
    There is some Thrashing marlin stuff on there. Look for “This Bird has flown”
    Are you still in Japan?
    We have moved to Mirimar opposite Park rd post.
    Come and see us some time.

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