Nagra IV S cyanotype




This one came out underexposed through the centre, I’m not 100% sure why… But it is a lot better than my first attempt at printing from negatives!

The sheets of prepared cyanotype I am using for this come with an acrylic sheet which is about 5mm thick and is intended for eg squashing flowers and/or protecting the cyanotype sheet from the objects above. So for my first test print from a negative, I slipped the sheet of cyanotype under the acrylic and the negative on top of the acrylic. The result was a blurry dim mess, and I started to wonder if the lines in the Nagra wireframe were too fine to register…

But after thinking about it for a while I realised the 5mm gap of the acrylic was enough for the light to scatter and blurr the image. So my next attempt I clipped the negative directly on top of the cyanotype paper (and then laid those on the acrylic sheet for stability) Exposed for 15 minutes and my theory was confirmed with a sharper print!

Mistakes and experimenting can lead to interesting unexpected results and while using the ‘incorrect’ technique I also printed a frame from an animation I am working on, and while the print was blurred and indistinct, the quality of the distortion was interesting and inherently analog in nature. Having corrected my method, I reprinted a sharp copy and comparing them is interesting – the sharp version is better and what I was aiming for, but the blurry soft focus distorted one is also interesting… I’ll post a side by side so you can see what I mean….




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