Great tune but no, not that NAS – this one:


NAS = network attached storage

This is something I’ve wanted/needed to do for about a decade now – my main workstation currently has 10 external hard drives attached to it and it is messy – 2 Thunderbolt RAIDS (8TB and 4TB) as my primary work drives, a 4TB USB3 drive with immediate resources on it (HISSandaROAR libraries, Kontakt libraries etc) and then a series of Firewire and USB drives containing my ever expanding sound library. Backup has been via raw 4TB hard drives into a dock, and that backup is a little too sporadic for much peace of mind… In a catastrophe rebuilding my resources would be possible but it would be nothing less than a VERY time consuming nightmare….

After much research & thinking I finally decided on the Synology DS1815+ NAS which has room for 8 hard drives (plus there are options to add another two expansion units, scaling the possible total up to 108TB!)
For now I’m installing 6 x 6TB hard drives in it, and with RAID 5 format have redundancy where one hard drive can die and be replaced with no data loss….

Once I’ve migrated all the data to the NAS I’ll archive the older sound library drives off site, and then once UFB fibre gets installed to my house I will then backup the entire NAS to CrashPlan and/or Amazon Glacier and S3…

Will post some updates as I go through the process…

mmmm data migration….

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  1. ErikG

    Well a really good NAS is really nice. Be aware that the chances of a drive failing in a 8 drive Nas is about 8 times as high on a single drive. If you run it as a Raid 5 you can take one failing drive, if a second drive fails everything on the Raid is toast. Restoring large Raids like this is overnight and sometimes a bit longer. So while it does give peace of mind as it is safer in one way, it is definitely more prone to issues.
    My single disk failures over 20 years (using several hundreds of drives as we have ten studios) are less than 10. When single drives failed in the past it was often the fw connection failing rather than the drive itself.
    I had my first failing Raid after two months use.

    So expect breakdowns and get a spare drive in straight away. Otherwise they are really nice.

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