New HISSandaROAR Release!

Our new library, CONTACT MIC TWO is now released & available! Containing over 1,900 new sounds captured 24bit 192kHz dual mono/stereo its a massive 12.5GB resource of very diverse source material! Check it out at HISSandaROAR here

If you are new to contact mic recording, then have a read of this article which explains the techniques & technology, but also note for one week only there is a package discount available for anyone wanting to pick up both our contact mic libraries: SD008 and SD018 – scroll down on this post to access it…


And a bit of back story, and well… I have to fess up, the photo of the cicada above was ‘staged’ (the cicada was already dead) but as luck would have it I did manage to record a cicada with my contact mics. One landed on the roof of my sunroom, which has a thin plastic sheeting roof that transmits sound very easily so I quickly attached my contact mics and hit record… But either I was not stealthy enough or the cicada saw an attractive cicada to go & have a closer chat to, as it took off within about ten seconds of me hitting record 🙁 But I got two bars of its song, have a listen:


Mid last week I thought I was all finished on the library when I got an email from someone working on a project that needed a lot of glass sounds for its sound design. So I set to & did a couple of sessions using various implements to scrape glass (a scythe, a glass cutter, scissors etc) and then broke a large pane & extracted quite nice crunches & cracks from it. Some of these sounds you almost wouldn’t thinks were from glass, but that is half the appeal – obscuring the source but retaining the organic nature!

Anyway the moral of the story: to commission me to do custom recording is expensive, but tip me off to what you might need in the immediate future and I may be able to help by incorporating it into whatever is next on my record list… Here is a preview of one excerpt from each file in the glass category:



When I bought my new house I was kind of delighted to find it also had a couple of metal sheds, for storing implements and fire wood etc… but I was more thinking about how they sound & their resonance. Sure enough every aspect of each shed was a gold mine! As was the fireplace in the lounge, which is state of art circa 1970! And the merits of recording high resolution are instantly justified, just try playing any of the resonant metal impacts at half speed!



I have owned the guzheng/koto for years & love how evil and discordant bowing along the strings is. Was planning to wait until I do another horror film to record it, but figured I’d record it & get it out there for others to use… As with the bowed acoustic guitar I suspect very strongly that granular plugins will LOVE these sounds!



Last category was mechanism & machines, including my dishwasher, clothes washing machine & juicer as well as a bunch of other devices…



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