New Math

These are some little sparks of genius: New Math by Craig Damrauer. Heres a few (sound related) examples that made me smile….

Not sure which one I would associate with that dog next door sound effect in whichever commercial sound library that keeps appearing in Hollywood films that can surely afford something a tad more unique (hint: grab your sound kit & walk around the block, kicking the gate of any house with a dog)

Yesterday I went to the supermarket & on the way there, this drone started to blend with the music on my car stereo & it got stronger as I got closer to the supermarket… It was only when I parked & got out that I realised it was someones car horn that was stuck on. It kept droning the entire time I was in the supermarket & was still going when I drove off. I thought afterwards I should have driven over by it & tooted for a while, just to join in…..

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