New ProTools Blog!

A new blog well worth a regular visit; ProTools for Audio Pros is the creation of Brent Heber, a very experienced ProTools user who also works for Digidesign in Austraila. Accordingly he gets to gain valuable insight into how different people use ProTools in its many various ways… I often compare ProTools to Photoshop – if all you want to do is crop & tweak a scan, Photoshop seems fairly easy to use, but its real power only becomes apparent once you know how to use its deeper functions. This usually requires experience ie years of use & learning to use new features as they are added in each subsequent update, but Brents aim: “to evangelize the methods, workflows, tips and tricks that enable our pro users to save time” is a very welcome resource, especially for ProTools HD and Icon users… check out his first post: Indiana Mix and the Template of Doom

One thought on “New ProTools Blog!

  1. Brent

    Thanks Tim, I really appreciate your kind words of support. My first post, I’m a bit selfconcious of as Im using a Digi TV video alongside my notes, but in future I’ll be mostly making my own videos – that’ll been fun!
    Next post is on the HD feature “AutoJoin” and should be up this coming weekend.
    Keep up the excellent blog!!

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