New Tunes…

I am always in search of new music & recently one of the most productive means of finding it, for me, has become radio. I am not someone who has time to listen to podcasts, but particular radio shows are worth their weight in gold as a filter for finding the best.
Two that I listen to almost religiously are BBC Radio One shows: Worldwide by Giles Peterson
and Experimental by Mary Anne Hobbes

It is possible to stream the shows from the BBC site for up to a week after broadcast, but I much prefer to be able to listen, pause, recue, listen again etc and so the New Mixes website has become a weekly visit for me, as mp3s of the shows & many others appear regularly… highly reccomended & worth a donation to support it! And by simultaneously accessing the playlists from the BBC website it is easy to find out what band/song appeals, for later sourcing….

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