New Year New Hobby

I did a bit of Xmas shopping for myself a few weeks ago, it’s the first two parts of a new hobby… Well extending an existing hobby…

Step 1:

Step 2:

Not for camping, although I’m sure it will get used for that.. but my aim is to get set up for astrophotography!

Over the years I have tried to book Air BnBs in remote places with a view, so I could comfortably experiment with astrophotography… and its only worked out once, South of Kaikoura

These star trails were the result of comping 2+ hours of shooting timelapse. In this case, I set my tripod up on the outside deck of a two story house on Kaikoura Coast, and set it firing shots. But I’d really like to do that comfortably anywhere, and especially in enforced dark sky locations like Tekapo or the Wairarapa, or natural ones. The next time I go down South I plan to go via Molesworth Station, which I have driven before – its a gravel road through back country. But last time I drove through in one day, and it is remote af so no light pollution at all. Next time I will find a photographic location and stop for the night…. and fall asleep to the sound of my camera shooting frames!

I have basic creature comforts for camping, but will do some research on battery/power supply, invertor etc…

To attach the awning to my little Suzuki SUV, I had to get a roof rack installed…

Kings Side awning

Kings Awning tent

The only negative comments in reviews for this setup is that it doesn’t cope with strong winds. But that shouldn’t be a problem as strong winds do not make for good conditions for astrophotography!



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