I have a folder on my desktop called NewFoundLand which is where I put my most recent discoveries and there are two I’d like to share with you, both found via someone on twitter mentioning them…

First is David Moore – I’m a sucker for sparse piano at the best of times, but weirdly it is actually quite difficult to find music written for piano that is sparse. Of course Ryuichi Sakamoto springs to mind, I love his collaborations with Crsten Niccolai/Alva Noto and also recently got to see a copy of a DVD of a tour he did in Japan, in which he plays two pianos – one is a player piano. But enough about him, although the first track on David Moores album 2007 Neighbourhood Shifts reminds me of the first Sakamoto/Alva Noto release… Heres a video featuring his more recent work:

The second recent discovery is that of Lee Patterson who specialises in unique recordings via the use of hydrophones and contact mics. I found him via a mention of Hydrophonia which is an upcoming festival of hydrophone based sound art dedicated to raising public awareness of ocean noise pollution. Lee is performing at the festival but it is the following two articles I suggest you read & listen to: a BBC article with examples (including a seemingly scary recording of tadpoles eating!) and this interview at Bagatellen – the latter is fascinating and features some of the most beautiful sounds I have heard all week! Especially make sure you listen to Springplate and also the exquisite Clementine Seed Burn.

See! The Long Tail works – my NewFoundLand is populated with an album from 2007 and an article from Feb 2009! And one last comment – not a music or sound discovery but the best advice I have perhaps ever heard! Actress Patricia Neal died recently and at the end of her life she had four words of advice:

“Be tenacious and determined”

Words to live by!!

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  2. Enos Desjardins

    Quite a coincidence you mention Lee Patterson. I met him about 6 months ago in a local pub here in Manchester, UK and we started talking and soon realized we were both into field recording. I’ve been looking/listening to his stuff since then and must say it is quite intriguing. Just a few weeks ago we met again and talked of doing some joint recording journeys in the UK which I really look forward to! I’d love to do some underwater recordings!

    Anyways, nice you mentioned him here and I’ll let him know next time I see him!

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