Incase you were unaware, as I too was until ten minutes ago, today has been No Music Day – so forgive me Father for I have sinned, such is life in the early part of the global time zone. But as with the equally admirable Buy Nothing Day the concept alone is worthy of consideration, even if it is too late to partake this time round – if nothing else it might just make you consciously observe & reconsider the role music plays in your daily life.. Personally music is a fundamental part of my life, but it also makes me acutely aware when I am being exposed to ‘bad’ music. Oddly I find muzak in shopping malls less offensive than commercial radio, if only because I am already well aware shopping malls are a site for putrid overload of most of my senses, whereas commercial radio often finds a sneaky way to infiltrate your hearing eg how many times have I jumped in a taxi & had to suffer the mindless agendas of radio stations such as Classic (S)hits!?! I am not a violent man, believe you me, but when I see a Classic (S)hits promo vehicle driving around town I really have to focus on something else to avoid going & sharing my views with them…

And as we approach that most crass of marketing exercises otherwise known as Christmas, I hereby remind myself not to venture anywhere retail without an ipod already glued to my head. Lets face it, Christmas carols may ahve been lovely when they were written but to hear intensely bad MIDI versions of them leaking out of EVERY shop for weeks on end is enough to make me do all my shopping online…

But I guess drawing attention to No Music Day late is at least better than never ever being aware of it & best you consider it a very worthy early warning for next year! Why? Well here is what the instigator has planned for 2008:

“Next year I would like to focus No Music Day on film. With so many films I feel that the soundtrack music just gets in the way. It is used to lend drama and emotion but so often it just cheapens and allows for lazy film-making.”

Amen Brother!

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